Sunday, February 13, 2011

SunPower Natural Organic Cafe

Yesterday my husband took me out for a little pre-Valentine celebration lunch. After some research and a recommendation from a fellow vegan, we settled on SunPower Natural Organic Cafe in Studio City, California. SunPower Natural Cafe provides its customers with healthy, organic, and vegan meals. Their menu offers a lovely selection of both raw and vegan options. The SunPower Natural Cafe prides themselves in offering really fresh, really tasty food that is super healthy for you. Their mission: In order to produce the most vibrant food, we prepare all our dressings, sauces, pizza crusts and burgers from scratch with fresh, organic ingredients that not only taste amazing, but are nutrient dense and good for you. 

SunPower Natural Cafe 3711 Cahuenga Blvd., Studio City, CA  

This cafe is cozy with a zen vibe, knowledgeable waitstaff, eclectic menu of both raw and vegan options, all reasonably priced.

It was hard to make a decision after viewing their menu as everything sounded wonderful. After much thought...we decided on the Lettuce Tacos to whet our appetites. The Lettuce Tacos were filled with savory chorizo, tomato sauce, green onions, tomatoes, pine nuts, cashew cheese, ranch dressing and avocado. Needless to say, they were super yum.   

For my entree I decided on the Mexican Torta: Savory SunPower "sausage", pico de gallo, avocado, lettuce, peppers, pickled cabbage & carrots and ranch dressing on a multi grain bun. This is also available raw. With the purchase of a sandwich you also get your choice of sides. Our waitress recommended the Kale Salad: Massaged kale, tomatoes and pine nuts with basil ranch dressing, and we were glad she did as it was incredibly tasty.

Even though we were filled to the brim with all the vibrant food we had consumed, we both knew we would regret it if we left without sharing a dessert. Though their raw cookie dough cheesecake came highly recommended, we decided to choose the raw raspberry lemon cheesecake, and it was sensational.

I took a peek at their Valentine's Day special menu which offers both a raw and vegan option and they both looked phenomenally delicious. To check out the menu and all their wonderfully vibrant food options, you can view them on the web:

Without exception, I highly recommend SunPower Natural Organic Cafe, and personally can't wait to return to enjoy their tasty treats. The food is genuinely delicious and superbly nutritious. They have a fantastic selection of wonderful raw shakes and juices as well. 


  1. i HAVE HEARD SO MUCH ABOUT THIS PLACE. I want to go someday! Yummy eats!

  2. It's wonderful vibrant food Noelle, you should definitely check it out.

  3. its not raw. they use cooked ingredients. so if you don't care that's cool but as a raw fooder i refuse to pay raw food prices for cooked food. and i doubt it's all organic since coconut is in everything and organic coconuts are really hard to get and really expensive. and if they aren't organic they are loaded with chemicals, not healthy at all.

  4. I would imagine if you are organic raw then you might have a difficult time finding food in the L.A. area. Planet Raw is good but uber expensive. I really enjoyed my meal, I thought they did a great job and it was super tasty.

  5. i thought the sandwich was soggy and the shake too sweet. whatever back to planet raw. at least i know what i get there and it is truly raw. sorry but if a place calls itself raw organic i expect it to be just that or it's false advertising . you can get good food anywhere if those are not your criteria