Sunday, March 20, 2011

Meatout 2011 - Beginning your journey to healthy, compassionate eating.

When asked to participate in Meatout 2011, I was not only honored, but thrilled to be part of such an important and impressive event.  For those of you who do not know what “Meatout 2011” is, I’ve snagged some great information off the blog and posted it below.

But first, I would like to tell you how being vegan has changed my life. A few years ago I was diagnosed with colon cancer, and after giving myself about 10 minutes to be upset, I set forth on a path to educate myself on ways to heal my body naturally. I knew I faced the biggest health challenge of my life, and I knew I had to get focused, get educated and get real about building my immune system and kicking my cancer to the curb. 

My daughter Katie had turned me on to a program called The Gerson diet. After considerable research I realized that this was the approach I wanted to embrace. The Gerson Therapy is a safe, natural treatment developed by Dr. Max Gerson in the 1920’s that uses organic foods, juicing, coffee enemas, detoxification and natural supplements to activate the body’s ability to heal itself.  Over the past 60 years, thousands of people have used the Gerson Therapy to recover from so-called “incurable” diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and arthritis.

By juicing you are getting essential nutrients directly into your system which immediately go to work detoxifying your liver and building your immune system. I remained on the diet for many months and surprised my physicians at UCLA when they could find “no visible traces of cancer” without having had any traditional therapies, or surgery.  Those 5 little words brought the biggest smile, and made me so proud that I had been successful in my determination to kick cancer through natural therapies and a vegan diet.

Though I had been cooking vegan for 14 years as both my children had embraced veganism as their way of life, I hadn’t completely given myself to it. After being faced with cancer and having cured myself through a vegan diet, I knew this was the only lifestyle I could embrace and continue to remain healthy.

I developed my blog to help those individuals who are already vegan with some tasty vegan recipes, and to illustrate to those wanting to make the transition that vegan meals are simple to make and simply delicious.

Life is about evolving and becoming the best YOU each and every day. We all know the truth about how animals are raised for human consumption, and the cruelty they must endure on a daily basis. Do you really want to be a part of that cruelty? Because you may not be the one controlling the abuse, but you do participate by consuming animal products. There was a time many, many years ago when raising animals for human consumption was certainly more compassionate, but as the demand grew, so did the abuse. In order to keep the animals relatively healthy in their heinous environments it is necessary to pump them full of antibiotics. The farmers also inject them with hormones to plump them up.  These pharmaceuticals are then passed on to the consumers that purchase and eat meat. Is this truly what you want to put in you body?

Meatout is an international observance helping individuals evolve to a wholesome, compassionate diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains. The purpose is to expose the public to the joys and benefits of a plant-based diet, while promoting the availability and selection alternatives to meat and dairy in mainstream grocery stores, restaurants, and catering operations.

"Kicking the meat habit" holds lasting benefits for consumer health, world hunger, resource conservation, environmental quality, and animal protection.

Kicking the meat habit reduces our risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, and other chronic diseases that cripple and kill nearly 1.4 million Americans annually.

Kicking the meat habit decreases our exposure to infectious pathogens like Salmonella, E. coli, and Campylobacter, which kill several thousand Americans annually and sicken millions more.

Kicking the meat habit raises our energy level, lowers our food budget, and simplifies food preparation and cleanup.

Kicking the meat habit frees up grains and other foods that can be used to feed the world's hungry. Animals are extremely inefficient "protein converters;" it can take up to 16 pounds of grain to make 1 pound of beef.

Kicking the meat habit preserves our topsoil, water, and other food production resources vital to the survival of our children and their children.

Kicking the meat habit protects our forests, grasslands, and other wildlife habitats from encroachment by cattle ranchers while reducing the polluting effects of methane, soil particles, manure, and pesticides on our air and water.

Kicking the meat habit saves animals from caging, crowding, deprivation, drugging, mutilation, manhandling, and agonizing slaughter. Each person who adopts a plant-based diet saves over 80 innocent, sentient animals each year. Over a lifetime, an individual can save more than 6,000 animals just by going vegan.

It's time to begin your journey to healthy, compassionate eating.


  1. Carol ~ what an inspirational post. I can't thank you enough for sharing your personal story. So many people will benefit from your story and your blog - thank you for doing what you do to make a difference! And thank you for participating in the Meatout bloggers' event! I also have to say that your fruit tart for Sunday is gorgeous and I could dive in! Thanks again and look forward to more on your blog! Cheers for all the animals! ~ Cindi

  2. Cindi, thanks for your kind words. I hope the day was a huge success and there will be many converts embracing a compassionate lifestyle this morning. Thank you for all the good work you do. 'Tis appreciated more than you know.

  3. Carol, I had no idea you had been through all this. What an inspiration for sure. You are really amazing. I think it's important for everyone to know that if it weren't for you and your amazing blog Donovan and I would not have even taken the vegan plunge. You have been so willing to help us with every single question we've had, and your recipes are super delicious. Wow, I'm still just bowled over by your story. We need to talk about this some more.

  4. I didn't know your story and am so inspired by it. You are a gutsy lady. I don't know if I could have taken on that challenge without a doctor guiding me. Weren't you scared? I think I would have crumbled if someone told me I had cancer. Really inspiring.

  5. Desiree....thank you, you are too sweet. You and Donovan are the one that should be proud. You guys jumped into the whole vegan thing and really took charge of your diets. You guys rock.

  6. Courtney....not gutsy really, just very determined when I set my mind to it. I'm confident most people would do the same thing if they were confronted with a health challenge. You'd be surprised at how strong you would be. Women rule and we are pretty darn tough. But thank you so much for your sweet words.

  7. This is so inspirational!! Just what I needed to read tonight. Thank you!! You are amazing!

  8. Thank you so much for stopping by and for your kind words. I wish you much success as you begin your vegan journey.

  9. Your story is so inspiring. I never knew a natural approach to disease existed. I am going to read up on the Gerson diet. Thank you for sharing your little miracle and for enlightening us to the healthy options available to tackle some devastating diseases. Your recipes all look wonderful and delicious and I will be giving them a try.

  10. Hi Lori and welcome. The Gerson diet is a pretty remarkable natural approach to curing disease. A vegan diet is also the best lifestyle to embrace for keeping you healthy. Please enjoy the recipes, and feel free to comment. Thanks for stopping by.